Frequently Asked Questions.

Q5 What are the timescales for the competitions?
A5 This can vary as to the clients wishes. The deadlines will be clearly posted on the site. We cannot accept any submissions after the deadline has passed. so we donít want you to miss out!

Q6 What if I want to submit more than one design?
A6 Great, got for it. You can submit as many designs as you like.

Q7 What if the winning design appears to have been done before?
A7 We take copying very seriously, and evidence should be sent through to us, but the client/judges decision is final.

Q8 How do I submit my entry?
A8 Simple, through the site. There is a submission section that will guide you through this process. It is basically up to 3 jpgs and a text box to describe you entry.

Q9 Whatís the catch?
A9 No catch, we approach clients who would normally use design consultancies and we supply them with your fresh designs. They are happy & you are happy, itís easy.

Q10 Sounds great, Where is the main site?
A10 Thanks, it is still under construction, but you can register now and you will be informed of the site launch via email. You will not miss out.
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