Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1 How does this site work exactly?
A1 Easy! This is a design competition website that collects live briefs from manufacturers and clients. They are set into categories for anyone and everyone interested in design to compete to win. a small fee is collected from the entrants some of which goes to the prize funds for the winners! The manufacturer and clients choose the winners and the winner gets the prize and exposure.

Q2 What’s in it for me?
A2 You get to test you your design skills with real live briefs set by clients and manufacturers. Cash prizes can be won together with the potential for your submitted design to go into production. You can expand your portfolio with ‘live’ briefs and test yourself in a global market.

Q3 Why do I pay to enter?
A3 A small entry fee is essential. Part of the fee goes into the prize fund so the more entrants there are the more you can win. The part of the remainder goes into marketing and promotion of the site so that more and more clients are happy to submit briefs. Payment is made through paypal when you upload your work.

Q4 Why do I have to register?
A4 This is so we have all the details from you should you win. it also allows us to contact you for any future competitions when they are posted on the site, so that you do not miss the chance to enter.

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